Grandee’s business philosophy is simple - "Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it, and you will be wildly successful.” So. Simple. And. Yet. So. Hard. To. Find. 

Grand Ideas is an entrepreneurial success story. Grandee Brooks began her career as a critical care nurse and ultimately in various leadership roles. As her nursing career progressed, Grandee realized what she enjoyed most involved people and the development of relationships. Matching specific organizational needs with talent was (and still is) her focus. Recruitment of eclectic talent was her forte. She had a passion for change, creativity, and assessment of the situation at hand.

As her daughter entered her teens, Grandee decided to make a 180 career change. Matching the RIGHT promotional product with the RIGHT target audience after assessing and understanding all factors necessary around the scope of work seemed a lot like the basic nursing skills she’d been taught throughout her nursing education. So assess, plan, implement and evaluate just moved from the patient to her new world of consumers! Branding companies and organizations would offer not only a fun change of career, but it would still offer contact with people.

Grand Ideas started as a home-based business in early 2001. She quickly expanded her business across South Carolina and the southeast. As her clients grew, so did Grand Ideas! Grand Ideas is one of the leaders in the promotional products industry in that business has grown annually. With advanced technology and specific tools within the promotional products industry, Grand Ideas is a smooth operator! Grandee and her production team provide professional and personal attention by only presenting quality products as vetted for safety, legal, logistically possible and sourced using only “A” rated suppliers.

As the business has grown, Grandee and her team still provide an unparalleled personal touch. In fact, more often than not, Grandee will pick up the phone when you call Grand Ideas. She treks across the state, spending valuable face-time with her customers. She takes the time to understand your business before recommending an item for branding. This often involves coming to you. No internet-based promotional products company can offer such a finely tuned approach.

As an experienced professional consultant,  Grandee and her team can help grow your brand through visibility with innovative, creative, and unique products.  Grand Ideas goes beyond just selling products... We will do WIT- Whatever It Takes!

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